Friday 9 September 2016

Jamberry Nails with Zoe Pierson

If you've been a regular reader of mine, you'll know that I usually stick to fashion and occasionally events. So today I'm going to do something a little different and talk about a new found love of mine. Jamberry Nail Wraps.
I first met the lovely Zoe at this years Curvy Convention. She sat me down and showed me the huge selection of fun designs she had and told me choose one. I'm telling you now, I was so stuck. There's literally hundreds, if not, thousands of various colours and designs. What's so great about these nail wraps is that they are not only super durable but also really simple to do yourself at home. No mess, no smudging and best of all, no chips!

After successfully applying my very first wrap, I was kindly given a pack to take away and try myself. What a treat!

Once home, I couldnt wait to really put these wraps to the test. As a busy housewife and mum of a toddler, I was doubtful of these lasting the day let alone more than one week. I'll admit right now that I was very wrong. 

I started off with one wrap on my nail first, as an accent colour. Then progressed to a full set. The solo nail was still stuck fast when I changed my now chipped and worn nail polish after 4 days. Impressive. So I then applied a full set. They stayed put for 13 days and would of likely lasted longer had I not got bored and changed my look. 

So how easy are these wraps to apply? Well you start by using the cleansing wipes to remove oils then buffing your natural nail to rid of any ridges and give the wrap a good chance of adhering. You take the first wrap and gently heat with your hairdryer for a few seconds so make the wrap sticky and soft. You simply lay the wrap on to the nail and using the little tool provided, push out any air bubbles. You then simply file the excess off at the top of your nail. Another quick blast from the hairdryer to be on the safe side and you're done! It's recommended that you apply the wraps at night so they get enough time to really stick properly. 

I have the ugliest feet but absolutely adore these limited edition fruity designs

If you like the idea of these wraps then be sure to visit where you can view the latest catalogue and request your free sample. Zoe also has a giveaway now live on her Instagram where you could win over £50 worth of goodies and you can enter that here X

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