Friday 16 September 2016

A Tahini Tease with Harness Hideout

Its Friday, the weekend is upon us and I'm feeling all kinds of sass. So today I'm sharing with you my latest harness bra from Harness Hideout. These gorgeous handmade harnesses are made up to a size 30. Yes, 30! Why there are so many brands not offering this size range is beyond me but when i found out that this all inclusive brand carries all sizes AND is happy to make custom orders, meaning larger sizes are always available, I was overjoyed. Each bra is expertly stitched and finished to ensure quality and long lasting wear.

I'm wearing the beautiful Tahini.

Now, the thing with harness bras is that they're not actually a bra. So there's no worry of thinking 'Oh no, my boobs are too big, I'll never find one to fit me'. You will. They are made of super stretchy elastic and simply sit over and around the bra you are wearing. Or not *wink wink* I chose by my size and went with an 18, it fit just fine due to the elastic but sizing up does mean that you'll always be super comfortable.

And not only can these be worn over underwear for that bedroom 'look' but also under your clothes just for a sexy, revamped touch!

There are sooo many styles to choose from, whether its a super strappy full on look or just a simple choker effect. Check out Harness Hideout on Etsy and if you use code FATTYBOOM10 you'll receive 10% off your order. What are you waiting for?!

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