Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Future Is Female with Peacocks

There's a growing trend of feminist based slogans on tops right now which I just love. This one is one from Peacocks is no exception and I love that it's in plain colours so I can dress it in a variety of colour ways. The t shirt is always made from ultra soft stretchy jersey which again is a favourite of mine as I find it more comfortable than a stiff cotton.

 You can find this top from Peacocks online here x

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Abstract Bikini by Elomi

I just had to share this gorgeous image with you, of my newest bikini from Elomi.
The stunning abstract print and plunge detail really caught my eye and the colours really complimented my, somewhat slight, tan. The sizing was spot on, ordering my usual 38F top and 20 bottom. 

You can find this beauty here x

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Misguided by Missguided

Alarm set for 9am, I hastily rushed straight to the Missguided site in sheer glee that I could get my hands on their new Barbie collaboration that they had extended to plus size. Their first drop of the collection had only been made in a size 4 - 16 so myself and many other Barbie loving gals were pretty upset that we had been excluded. The collection featured pink velour shorts and matching hoodies, cute little crop tops, mesh tops, quilted skirts and denim jackets. It was clearly a huge hit and sold out almost instantly. I had money, I wanted that too!

So back to me this morning. I get to the saved page, hit refresh and what do I find?! 8 t shirts. That's it. 8. Now this alone gets me sad. I'm a woman, I'm 35. I LOVE fashion, I love experimenting with styles and I bloody love colour. My hair is BRIGHT PINK! So why would I rush to a Barbie collab collection for drab, grey T shirts? Why? Because for brands like Missguided it's easy. It shuts us fattys up. 

Let's take a look at what my money could have bought me IF I was under a size 16

Now let's see what us fat girls have been given...

I really love that they've modelled them plus size T shirts on a plus size girl too...

So IF I decided that these boring T shirts were just what my colourful life was missing, look at how many we get in comparison to the 16 and unders. Why? How? Do these brands just not get it? I might be a blogger, I might get the odd bit of clothing given to me but I do spend money. I'm sick and tired of brands spinning me the same old bullshit, telling us that 'plus just doesn't sell' or the old 'it costs us too much'. If you gave us the same choices as straight sizes, YOU WOULD SELL MORE! We don't even need a seperate collection just for us, we just want regular styles extended. I fucking live for crop tops and tight shit. I might be fat but I'm not prepared to hide it. Stop marginalising us. We are not over sized T shirt wearing, hiding in the shadows, meek little girls. We demand more and we deserve better. I hold a little hope that more styles will be added, but sadly I won't hold my breath on it running bigger than its current size 24. Yet another blow for larger girls but sadly not uncommon.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dirty by Name, Dirty by Nature at Bristol Squeezed

Today was the opening of Squeezed, Bristols latest offering in the world of burgers. Is there such a thing as too many burgers? Not in my book!
Squeezed is the baby of Alex Hayes, of former Rebel Roll, and brings back the much loved classics that he was synonymous for. Having been living under a rock, although I was aware of previous offerings, I didn't get the chance to sample the goods. But now Squeezed has arrived in Whapping Wharfs Cargo 2 development, I can revisit til my little fat hearts content. 
As the name suggests, Squeezed focuses on lemonade, burgers and fries. Everything from the brioche buns down to the sauces is made fresh in the compact shipping container.

Tonight I went for the Reverse Cowgirl (nothing new there *wink wink*), fries and lemonade, all for a very reasonable £9.99 The fact you can get meal deals here are fab. If like me, you have a limited budget, it's perfect to know you can get the works for a set price.

Let's talk burgers. I like mine pink and juicy and was relieved to find that's exactly what I got. Not too thick, not too thin. This was then loaded with smoky, rich peanut chipotle bbq sauce, charred scallion sour cream, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and Monterey Jack cheese- although there was so much flavour, the cheese did get a little lost. There was certainly no holding back on any of the ingredients, this burger was definitely a two handed job! The skin on, handcut fries were lightly seasoned with ancho chilli salt and were beautifully hot and crisp. 

The lemonade had to be the winner for me. Pinky Punky lemonade with watermelon and rosemary, it was strong and punchy with a delicate aftertaste from the rosemary and even though it was just a juice, it almost tasted alcoholic like a guilt free cocktail. Winner! 

No doubt I'll be back to sample more of the menu soon. http://bristolsqueezed.weebly.com/

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sunday Lunch at Bristol Harbour Hotel

I'll admit that I'm not really one for roast dinners very often so when I do go out for one, it has to be pretty special! Off me and my husband went to check out The Jetty at Bristol Harbour Hotel. It was a scorcher of a day and as much as I was hungry and in need of refreshments, I was sweaty and grumpy. The summer heat and I do not mix well at all. But stepping inside, I was met with a beautiful light, chilled restaurant. With high ceilings, stark white interior and large booths, I knew this was the perfect spot for lunch. 

With two courses for just £15.95 and 3 courses for £19.95, I was pleasantly surprised at the value. I poured over the menu whilst sipping on a much needed Aperol Spritz and chose a cheese soufflé for my starter. I'll admit that as much as a cheese addict I am, I've never ordered a soufflé before. It was delicious! Bubbling hot, rich cheese lent way to its twice baked fluffy interior.

For my mains, I went for the belly pork. The pork was sadly under seasoned, a little too fatty and lacked a crispy top but this was substituted by the accompanying crackling straw on its perch of black pudding purée and poached apple. With sides of cauliflower cheese, large fluffy roast potatoes and honey mustard carrots and parsnips. A relatively light roast dinner that didn't over fill us. 

The dessert was my favourite course of the meal which was a pleasant surprise as I'm definitely a more savoury fan. A simple lemon tart. The pastry crust was light and delicate, the lemon was tart yet creamy which was the perfect contrast to the sugary topping that gave a wonderful crunch. 

The Jetty really deliver when it comes to fine dining on a smaller budget. Set within former banking halls, The Jetty is filled with restored interiors that certainly adds to it's charm. All produce is seasonal and locally sourced and they boast an impressive wine and cocktail list too. For reservations, opening times and contact info, click 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Floral Baseball dress ft Pink Clove

You know when you idly browse sites and something grabs your attention and no matter how much scrolling you do after, you find yourself going back to that one item? That's what happened with this dress. Constant revisiting it to have another look, asking myself 'Do I need it? How many ways could I wear it?' Well, let's be honest, it's a floral dress, how many ways can you really wear it? One. But it's that gorgeous I didn't care.

Pink Clove have really upped their game this year. Whether I'm browsingptheir home site or on Asos, I'm guaranteed to find something I want. Which for me, is a really big deal! 

This button down dress is made from a stretchy jersey material. It's light enough to wear for warm weather but obviously could be layered over tights/leggings in the colder months. On me, the length is just ideal. I can bend right over without flashing the world my bum- no one needs to see that! I love the nod to a baseball style top, channelling Madonna in A League of Their Own and the tropical prints give it that little tiki/retro edge. Right up my street!

Cat is obvs not included but you can find the dress here x

Monday, 14 August 2017

Skater Girl Look with Pink Clove

Can you believe it's been since June that I last blogged about fashion? June!! I've been so busy reviewing food that I have neglected the fashion side big time and I can only apologise. Don't forget, still regularly upload my outfits and fashion favourites on my Instagram page too.

Art by Aidan Ryan

So today's quick look is this T shirt I found over at Pink Clove . It's eye catching design had me instantly hooked. I teamed it with my favourite extreme rip jeans (old Primark) for a true urban look. The T shirt itself is generously sized and I plan to wear it over my swimwear on the beach on my next holiday. Not only is it good in size but it's also stretchy too. Bonus! You can find this T shirt here in sizes 18-28. Pink Clove offer world wide shipping, free returns and currently have 10% off discount code. X