Thursday 23 June 2016

Long Goth Summer ft Boohoo

Now I'm all for a bit of colour. One look at me and it's pretty obvious! But I do love a full on black outfit. Whether it's a simple leggings/top combo or a full back maxi, sometimes head to toe black is just the order of the day. And even though it's warming up, I'm not about to ditch my inner 14 year old goth self.

Whilst doing a spot of Internet browsing, as you do, I come across a top with a sun/moon print over at and did a little squeal with delight. With the choice of a vest, a top and a bodysuit, I chose the latter. I don't own many bodysuits and liked the idea of something easy to wear (bar toilet breaks, if ya get what I mean!). 

I wore this with a plain stretch midi skirt from Simply Be, a sheer black kimono and black jelly heels- both from New Look. 

Have you looked at sun and moon range at Boohoo? Find them here x

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