Friday 13 May 2016

Thighs Of Fire? Not with Tortz!

If there's one thing I worry about when buying new skirts for summer, that's thigh rub. Now I won't go as far as calling it 'chub rub' as I know plenty of slimmer women who have endured the dreaded thighs of hell during the warmer months.
So when I came across Tortz., I wanted to try them out in a second. 
Unlike anti chafe shorts, these are more like short tights, alas where the name Tortz comes to play. With lace hems and a nice high waist, these ticked all my requirement boxes. 
I'm partial to quite a shortish skirt in the summer so I knew I didn't want something too long that would reach my knees and be shown to everyone at the slightest hint of a breeze. I also didn't want a thick material to bulk my clothes up or make me too hot. Tortz have the look and feel of a thin denier tights but are incredibly hard wearing. I won't lie, I tugged and pulled and picked but I still didn't manage to damage them!

With a non slip rubber backing to the lace, the Tortz stay firmly in place. I wore these to a blogger event one evening, where I knew I'd be hot and on my feet for a few hours. I didn't even notice I was wearing them, the were truly comfortable and very breathable.

I'm wearing the nude here but they also come in black or you can buy one of each in a pack of two.
Tortz are available in 3 sizes ranging from 8 to 22. I highly recommend this product and although a fairly new company, I do hope to see a larger range of sizes being added in the future.

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