Wednesday 4 May 2016

Chi Chi by Sculptresse

They've done it again! Everytime I view the new ranges at Sculptresse by Panache, I fall in love with the prints. It's not just the prints and colours but the shapes, the fabric and the high waisted briefs. I used to dread my old bras breaking as I knew it meant having to go and buy a new one. More often than not, I'd end up just grabbing the nearest, cheapest one I could find, usually in a supermarket. But I soon started to notice that the bra didn't fit right. Or it would start to fall apart in some way.
Then i got measured and my bra buying nightmares were over. Okay so some stores are not always spot on with the fit, and don't forget, not all days are normal boob days!
As stated in my last Sculptresse  review, I've changed shape recently so I'm now on a new perfect size bra mission. I need to get remeasured but I've been too busy to find the time. 
Sculptresse kindly sent me the Chi Chi and boy do I love it!! The fabric is superb quality on the top with a beautiful stretch lace to the top of the cups. The tropical print just screams summer! I ordered a size down but I still feel I need to try another size but unsure if it's the cup or the band.  

             It's gorgeous, right?!

So in the pictures you'll notice that it fits well in the band. Everything sits nice and snug. It's not digging in to my shoulders or my ribs and back. But, it does nothing for the shape of my breasts. If anything, the bra separates them outwards which is telling me that it's the wrong size. They are being held just nicely but that's it. I'm not looking for a cleavage enhancer but it's nice to have a shape! Hopefully once I find my new cup size, I'll once again have my perfect bra. X

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