Wednesday 27 April 2016

Your Jacket's The Bomb ft One One Three

If there's one brand I'm crazy about, it's One One Three. I had the pleasure of watching their first fashion show a couple of years ago, loved everything then it all went a bit quiet. Now they are well and truly back with a bang and I couldn't be happier! Their clothing is completely my style and has some serious attitude.

One One Threes first main collection was ballsy, with a grunge twist. Lots of black, tartan and mesh. This year it's gone a little softer and added some beautiful pastels and lighter fabrics in to the mix and when asked to choose an item, it had to be a jacket. It's not often I fall in love with jackets as I prefer layering my clothes as I constantly feel trapped and claustrophobic. But this year I've embraced jackets. ALL the jackets!! 

This almost rose gold-esque bomber jacket  is jersey lined and is so soft and comfortable that I want to sleep in it. 

        I feel like a badass Pink Lady. 

I'm now eagerly awaiting the restock of this top to wear with it. 

Have you checked their new range out? You won't be disappointed x

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