Saturday 17 May 2014

OOTD bootsale Chic

Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I freaking love bootsales! Before the baby came along, I was more than happy to throw on any old clothes I could lay my hands on, tie up my hair and give my eyes a quick lick of mascara, all set for an early morning jaunt at a nearby sale. Now however, we work around wake up times, breakfast, cleaning/dressing baby, morning naps and making a massive deal about leaving the house. Add in to the fact no toddler really likes being strapped into a pushchair for a boring walk around a bumpy field or car park. So this gives me ample opportunity to dress a little nicer , do my make up and make a day of it by visiting an afternoon bootsale occasionally.

This is what I wore on today's adventure
 It was already pretty warm by the time we left the house after midday but today I didn't want to expose my arms. Not sure why as this isn't usually a problem. but anyway, I wore a sun dress from H&M, tapestry shirt dress over the top with the sleeves rolled up (dress can be found here at Simply Be. Platform pumps are from Primark- current season, necklace is Urban Outfitters and bag is old River Island.

Did I buy much? No. The beauty of bootsales I guess. Oh well, I looked good and treated the family to ice cream at the park instead!

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