Tuesday 4 September 2018

The Ashville Steak House- Review

Nestled away in a little back street off Coronation Road in Bedminster, you’d find a little pub that from the outside, looks no different to any other ‘local’. But The Ashville delivers so much more than a regulars watering hole, serving up some of the best quality meat South of Bristol. . 

When Socialight first invited me down to try out The Ashville, I had already known what I was in for as I had previously visited for a steak tasting social event. The sheer joy I felt, knowing I was to return to try yet more courses AND enjoy them with my husband was very exciting. 
If you’re no stranger to this blog, you’d be well aware that I’m very much a lover of meat in all forms. The rarer the better in my eyes! 

Arriving on a Thursday evening, I was surprised at just how busy The Ashville was. Not in an overcrowded way, there was a happy atmosphere with a large family party enjoying a feast at their table and several couples enjoying their date nights, possibly relishing a child free moment to chat and eat at their own pace. Something I’ve learned I need at least once a week to keep my sanity!
With its white washed walls, chunky wooden furniture and fairy light covered ceilings, I felt like I had stepped in to a little countryside Inn. I also loved the hand tied table flowers that gave the setting such a personal, homely feel.

We were greeted with a warm welcome from the owner, Sandor, who was friendly and attentive to all guests who were both dining and arriving. 
Seated at our table we were quickly salivating over the quite simple menu. Deciding which cuts of beef to have, which sides and sauces and wether we wanted starters or dessert more. With me, if you put cheese as a starter or dessert, I’m going to want one. So we decided to share a baked Camembert. This was off their Specials board, not the main menu. 

We could hear this little beauty before we even saw it! A hot, bubbling bowl of deliciousness that was the perfect size for one, but maybe on the smaller size for sharing. But for greedy folk like me, it was just perfect to whet my appetite before the main event. I did feel that the salad garnish was not needed but loved the thick cuts of toast for dunking.

Opting for our favourite cut, both my husband and I ordered the 10oz rib eye. I adore this tender cut, with its rich marbling of fat, I’m always guaranteed a juicy steak and this one made no exception. Perfectly cooked at medium rare, this steak was well seasoned and beautifully chargrilled. With each steak comes a generous portion of triple cooked chips, grilled tomato, onion and a salad. For me personally, I found the chips to be quite an effort to eat. Roughly chopped  in shape, these are pretty hard to the outside and not so fluffy on the inside and didn’t soak up the meat juice like I’d expect a good chip to. I’m not a great fan of salad with my steak and did leave it this time but my husband seemed to enjoy his.

Feeling pretty stuffed and suffering from a case of meat sweats, we ploughed in regardless and ordered a dessert to share. A generous slice of ginger cheesecake from the Specials board was the perfect ending to our meal. 

Our meal, although complimentary, was offered in return of a review. All opinions are my own. 

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