Sunday 26 August 2018

Sholay Indian Kitchen- Review

This month I was kindly invited down to Sholay Indian Kitchen at Wapping Wharfs Cargo development. Yet another offering in the ever diverse combination of food retailers that reside there. 
Sholay is run by the team behind the award winning The Mint Room in Clifton. Focusing on Indian street food, what this shipping container lacks in space, certainly makes up for in its food. Keeping its menu simple yet full of flavours whilst using the freshest, local produce. 
The container itself is compact but tastefully decorated with quotes and images from Bollywood films, including a beautiful mural that really takes centre stage.

Having been sat at our table on a particularly wet and rainy evening, we found Sholay to be rather busy but this didn’t distract the staff being super attentive and accommodating. 
The menu itself was simple and varied. Dining with my 16 year old daughter was no challenge, we wanted one of everything! With her being pescatarian, she found a wide range of things she could eat without feeling like she was missing out, something that we really appreciate.

Ordering a signature mojito, one rum and one virgin, we agonised over what dishes to order. There’s very little in the way of description on the menu so it was a little bit of a pot luck when it came to choosing. 
Waiting for our first lot of small plates, we gazed across the long shared bench at our neighbouring diners to guess which dishes they ordered, the open kitchen wafting amazing aromas our way and making us ravenous. Patience isn’t one of my strong points at the best of times! 

Being a meat lover, my first choice was the peshwari lamb cutlets (£8.50). Glazed with a house made marinade, grilled to perfection, served with house salad garnish.

Our favourite dish of the night, chilli paneer (£5). The menu stated that it was ‘practically addictive’ and they weren’t wrong. Sticky and tangy sweet with beautiful charred edges, we ordered a second plate! 

The kale and onion bhajis (£4.50) were everything a bhaji should be. Crispy yet light and full of punchy spice. 

Spy the second plate of paneer? 

For my main meal I went for Grandmas Curry. A medium spiced, hearty curry that tasted not too different from my own. On the bone chicken, vegetables and generous chunks of potato made for perfect comfort food and the side of bread was used for mopping up the left over broth. Just what I needed on this wet evening. 
My daughter went for the masala fish and chips (£12). The fish was firm and flaky, but a little on the dry side and lacked on flavour. A side of chutney would of been preferred over the pot of ketchup but the fries were crisp and seasoned beautifully. 
With more soggy customers turning up and the container getting a little more cramped, we finished our meal and left. Not before being offered a choice of kulfi for our travels. Went opted for the honey rose and it was the perfect way to end the meal. Sweet and creamy and reminiscent of milky lollies from my youth. We sat under a sheltered spot by the harbour and took in the twinkling lights of Bristol before heading home.
You can find them here;
Sholay Indian Kitchen, Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6ZA

Although I was offered this meal in exchange of a review, all opinions are my own.

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