Tuesday 4 September 2018

Irregular Choice - Deckchair Diva

Now, I’m certainly no stranger when it comes to colourful clothes. The brighter my hair, the louder the clothes, the more confidence I feel. 
So when Irregular Choice got in touch and asked if I’d like a pair of shoes to try, I couldn’t wait! Known for their crazy patterns, quirky styles and WILD heel designs, I just knew that they’d send me something simply amazing. 

They certainly didn’t disappoint!! 

Aren’t they incredible?!! With bold, contrasting colours to the toes, heart print to the sides and ICE CREAM SUNDAES for heels, I was simply blown away! Quite literally! I just knew I had to take these out straight away and where else but by the seaside. The sundaes made me think of 50s style diners, full of candy shades of pink and blue and although I don’t live near a diner, I do have some cute beach huts. Wind, rain, all the typical British weather that could blow my way did as soon as I reached the coast. Donning my favourite rain jacket, nothing was going to deter me from releasing my inner ‘Deckchair Diva’.

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