Friday 1 May 2015

The return of #OMCZ- Shopping Trip

Outside My Comfort Zone (OMCZ) is back! I missed week one as I was simply to busy but I'm back on track! These challenges are a great way to push each of our styles in to new territories and trying something we would usually avoid.

'The next theme has more of an open feeling to it. No specific items or patterns to showcase. Just show us what you'd wear to go shopping.

This is inspired by the Shopping Trip to Birmingham organised by Nikki . Knowing what to wear on a shopping trip in the colder months can be a challenge. You want to be warm enough when you're outside but as soon as you go inside it's too hot.'

I love this theme as it shows how I dress on a daily basis! As I don't work, I don't really have a reason to dress smartly but always have to dress as practical as possible. I'm smeared with food within an hour of dressing, most days, so I'm used to having to change at least once a day. 

Here's what I wear for an average shopping trip

Cream and gold fleck jumper is old New Look Inspire, leggings are H&M, bag and pumps are Primark.
I get so hot and flustered when I'm out shopping so tend to not wear a jacket. I also like to wear a black vest and leggings so that I have something plain to wear when trying on clothes. 

Here's a list of other bloggers taking part in the challenge. 

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