Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'They Shouldn't be Wearing That'

So some of you may or may not be aware of the comments made by 'celebrity' Jamelia on TV recently. She claims that woman who are below a size 6 or a size 20 should be made to feel uncomfortable about shopping for clothes and that our clothes should only be available off the high street, away from those that fit in to her idea of normal. Nice!
Following on from these ridiculous ideas, Debz from Wannabe Princess come up with the hashtag #WeAreTheThey for us women, wether below or above Jamelias ideals, can stand strong and together in a united front that we are regular humans with feelings. Why on earth should we be made to feel any different because of our size?! To me, fashion is fashion. There is no size limit on style. Having shops stock larger sizes really isn't unhealthy. I disagree that it in someway glorifies obesity. Same for those on the other end of the scale. 
So ever heard someone say those words 'They shouldn't be wearing that!' Why not? It's not clothing that makes someone look fat, their fat makes them look fat. A thin person wearing something that clings should also not mean that they suffer from some kind of eating disorder. So here's my examples of what I've worn against the 'fashion rules'.

1.Skinny Jeans. Bloody love mine!!

2. Body hugging clothes. Belly o'clock!

3. Horizontal Stripes. Oh no she didn't!

4. Bikinis! Totally went there.

So in what way, in any of these outfits/fat girl no-no's, should make me or any others feel uncomfortable? Why should I hide away or feel ashamed that I have an inch of confidence under my 6 extra inches of fat? Isn't that my business? No one has the right to judge or in fact, dictate to another about the right and wrong way to dress or to shop. Health will always be a hot topic when it comes to the extreme ends of weight but thats a personal issue and again, no ones business but the individuals. 
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