Tuesday 14 April 2015

Bikini body? Why The Hell Not!

Being involved within the plus size community, I see so many positive messages about loving your body regardless of size and showing what you got, without giving two shits to what society thinks. I would and have been a little hypocritical if I didn't practise what I preach. I'm no way against my body, I'm responsible for how it looks, I try to dress it the best way I can and I often like what I see in the mirror.
Ever see the term 'bikini body' and think 'I wish I had one of those'? Well everybody has a body and anyone can buy a bikini. Simple. 
After a whole year of having a bikini I found on EBay, sitting in my watch list, I bought it. Three weeks later, it arrived on my birthday. I went straight upstairs, got undressed and tried it on. And you know what? I have a bikini body!! Bikini+body=bikini body

My kids didn't laugh or make jokes (always a bonus!), I was just me, in a bikini and nothing happened. No end of the universe crap or my mirror blowing up. I twirled and jiggled my tassels to full effect and went online and bought it in a swimming costume too. 
There's so much hate, bullying and body shaming these days. No one should shy away from wearing what they want, posting certain pictures online or God forbid, eating in public, in fear of being snarked. Yes it happens, and of course it's not nice but if you truly believe in you and your self worth, what does it really matter? You have one life and there's no time to put off such simple things you may regret. X

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