Friday 6 March 2015

Voodoo Vixen Greta dress

Following on from my LondonEdge post, I thought I would do a separate post about the dress I was gifted by Voodoo Vixen.
We were given a small range of dresses to choose from but being the fussy lady I am, found that quite difficult. ( I am still so grateful!)
I didn't know how the dresses fit without trying them on first so decided to size up and hope for the best. I'm an 18-20 in most dresses so I went for the 3X
I went for the Greta as it was the simplest. I knew I could mix and match shoes, accessories and more importantly, lipsticks, whenever I wear it, to keep it looking different each time. As nice as the other dresses were, you couldn't really do that.
When we arrived at LondonEdge and were given our dresses, the first thing I noticed was the material. I really didn't like it. If, like me, you wore those black, super stretchy trousers to school, you'll know the material I'm talking about. I think I was expecting something softer and flowy, more in keeping with vintage styles. I was so glad that I sized up as the dress was a really great fit. Not just the dress but the belt too. When it comes to plus size dress/belt combos, that's rare! I would call it a satin ribbon with buckle. I found it more of a detail than a working accessory and took it off.
I love the little petal shaped cut outs and the length was just right on me. I'm not one for sleeveless dresses either so I wore a little cardigan to hide the tops of my arms.
The new collection features more styles and cute prints which is so refreshing to see for a plus size range. The Greta dress can be found here

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