Friday 19 September 2014

Plus North pt2

After the Saturday day time event, full of fashion shows and shopping, came the afterparty. 
I decided to wear my new Collectif wiggle dress and burger bag- which is actually a vanity case, by an old brand called Jiggery Pokery. It was a bit of a hit amongst the other party attendees. 
I kept my flats on that I had worn during the day as they were pretty comfortable.
After a welcome drink and quiz, we drank and danced until the very end. Was so nice to be surround by fellow babes without being judged or sneered at. A nice end to what was a great day.

The final day consisted of more fashion with Curvy Kate and MSSVG showing off their wares, workshops and a clothes swap. Unfortunately I could only stay for the swap as I had my coach to get. 
I will write up a separate post on the clothes I got at the swap as I absolutely loved it!! 
In all I loved my weekend away, being a 'model', hanging with familiar faces, meeting new ones and leaving with a little more spring in my step having gained more confidence being around like minded girls who complimented each other. I couldn't recommend these types of events enough. 

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