Saturday 15 February 2014

OOTD FT A message to haters

So after reading some of the absurd comments coming left, right and center on the Evans Facebook page, I decided to base my outfit on one comment.
It was all coming from the launch of their new Cut for Evans range, which features great items that are full of bold and over the top prints and clashing colours. For me, this is a total dream! But it seems it is not for everyone and that too, is just fine. What I dont like, however, is fellow fat (or not) girls, bashing other girls about what we should and shouldn't be wearing. Do I wear 'flattering' clothes? No. Do I hide under shapeless tents? No. Do I wear lots of patterns and make myself stand out? Yes!!
One comment in particular really made me chuckle. The lady said us 'big' girls should not be seen in jumpsuits, sheer cuts and OTT prints. Just because there is more to us larger ladies, do we have to hide behind black, shapeless tents, bootcut jeans and the such?
I could of chose an outfit that used some of my more bolder colours to demonstrate a point, in that they do indeed work for us but instead chose items that were sheer and featured...wait for it.....MESH! GAAASSSP!!!!

                       Dress;       H&M
                       Shirt;         Primark
                       Leggings;  F+F
                       Boots;        Ebay

The shirt is amazing. It has the cut out/waterfall thing going on so is long at the back and cropped at the back. The dress is a super stretchy skater dress with mesh neckline and sleeves. I personally think I look pretty good. Should we really stick to frumpy clothes and hide away just to keep it safe? Come off it. I have it and I'm flaunting it. And you know what I say to those who think they can tell me otherwise.....

..... Kiss me fat ass!  x

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