Tuesday, 18 February 2014

OOTD Feline dotty (Get it?)

So after spotting(!) a picture of the Poppy Delivigne wearing a gorgeous polka dot shirt at LFW Burberry show, I decided to wear a similar outfit today. Difference being, I wore a t shirt with not only polka dots but cats too. Excuse the fluffy hair and puffy face, i'm very tired!
This is my first time wearing this coat. I got it last year at a jumble sale. It smelt terrible so it got bundled into a cupboard and after coming across it last week, I washed it and I actually really like it! Not used to wearing something like that the doesn't button up but now the weather is slightly warming up, I think I will be wearing it more often.

                         Coat; charity shop
                         T Shirt; Primark
                         Skirt; Asos
                         Leggings; G21@ Asda 
                         Frilly socks; Ebay
                         Shoes; New Look

Super comfy wedges that I really don't wear often enough. The soles are rubbery so make me feel like I bounce when I walk!

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