Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OMCZ #27 Red Carpet Glamour

So it's OMCZ #27 and this time the challenge is 'red carpet glamour'. I really struggled with this theme as I really dont have much in my wardrobe that screams glamour. Being a girl that's rummages for old granny finds and smelly old jumpers/cardi's at jumbles and bootsales, I thought I would have to just do some shmancy make up or jewellery post instead. But..I thought about it and I do have a couple of nice items that can be glizted up a little. Even by my rough looking tattooed self!

Becky chose this one and I'm glad I actually took part;

'As it is award season i would love to see some Red Carpet Glamour. Be inspired by some of the amazing outfits that have been down the red carpet and try and incorporate some of the key trends that seem to be appearing (colour blocking, bold colours, black and white) or even try and emulate your favourite stars red carpet look.'  

So the dress is from Collectif Clothing and yes, I could of worn a petticoat and made the skirt big and beautiful but I just couldn't find it. I love the material of this dress. Its firm but with good bit of stretch, not too much, just enough. The skirt had oodles of fabric, amazing with an underskirt but I quite like the way it hangs without. I think if I did attend an Oscars or any other 'red carpet' event, I would def wear something that was timeless. I think there is a time and a place for being bold and daring with an outfit but to get it wrong in such a pubic event, would make me feel a little uncomfortable. Keep it simple, classy and of course, glamorous. Hair has been pinned into a simple up-do and I kept accessories to a minimum. (Pearl necklace is from Primark).

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Becky Brown

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