Sunday 22 July 2018

Honest Burgers Bristol

Last week I headed down to Clare Street for a masterclass with Honest Burgers, the latest offering Bristol has in its forever expanding and competitive burger field. With owner Tom Barton,  proudly boasting that his burgers are the best in terms of quality in the UK, I knew I needed to try these for myself! 

After an intro from Tom about his journey from tiny stall holding, catering for friends and then in to the world of running a business, Honest Burgers is now a chain of 23 branches spanning the country. With some of the bigger burger chains failing to win over the ever loving independent market in Bristol, Honest Burgers has a lot to prove. 
During the earlier talk, we got to sample a solo patty. So tender that you could of cut it with a spoon-we didn’t! Seasoned at the point of cooking so no moisture was drawn out, you could taste the quality of the beef and the fat really sung out.

The restaurant itself was much like any other new restaurant here, using reclaimed wood, the mixture between long benches and comfy booths, instudial style lighting and light walls, it lets the food do the talking. 

The menu isn’t huge. With only 1 chicken and vegetarian option, the menu really focuses on the use of its (very good) beef patty. Using chopped chuck and rib cap and 20% fat in their patties ensure not only a juicy, flavoursome burger but they can also serve these medium rare due to being approved to do so due to high quality cuts of meat used.
All sauces and their rosemary chips are house made and all other produce are sourced locally. 

With a table full of hungry bloggers, we were given plates of chicken wings, onion rings and house sauces to try. 

When it came to choosing my burger, I went with The Bristol (£12.95) beef, Westcombe Dairy smoked cheddar and cheese curds, bacon, shoestring fries, white onion, cider gravy and pickles. What a beast!! 

As expected, the burger was superb! I loved the addition of the housemade pickles that cut through the meat and gave it a sharp crunch. The smoked cheese worked well with the saltiness of the bacon but sadly this meant I couldn’t really taste the cheese curds. Of course with this particular burger giving a nod to the classic poutine, I had high hopes for that expected cheesy squeak. 
All burgers came with a side of rosemary salted chips. They were the thick cut, skin on kind but possibly a little too salty for my taste. I couldn’t get enough of the side of cider and bacon gravy which was rich and deliciously sweet and I happily dunked anything I could in to it! 

It’s fair to say that Honest Burgers really did live up to the hype. Good, honest food without pretentious ingredients that left me feeling full up and satisfied. With the owners attitude, passion and knowledge, I really do hope they do well in Bristol. 

Although I received my meal in return of a review, all opinions are my own. 

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