Sunday 13 May 2018

Wings Diner, Bristol

Last month I celebrated my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to go and eat some beautiful, yet dirty chicken!

Ladies, gents, those in between....I found chicken heaven...

Wings Diner, was and still are a pop up, now residing at Small Bar on Kings Street. Serving up delicious fried chicken with an Asian inspired twist. Not forgetting the veggies and vegans of course! But for me, it’s all about the chicken life. Think fried chickenburgers, wings and pieces, but not like those weak offerings from your local fast food takeaways. I’m talking thick, juicy pieces of bird that leave you so greasy and full that you’re calling for help. 

I went for the Thai style burger first. With a fat juicy chicken thigh on a bed of lettuce, topped with cheese and Srirachanaise (it’s a thing!) and I couldn’t of been more delighted that they used the softest, squishiest buns. I happen to be rather fussy when it comes to the right type of burger bun.
And because it was my birthday, I didn’t plan on mucking around. I came for food and lots of it! So next came the dirty fries. 

Twice the photo because this had double the flavour of anything I’ve ever eaten before. Crispy little fries, covered in fried chicken, cheese and Korean sauce. These were incredible. The Korean sauce was like an umami bomb, that salty, heavy taste that was suitable for eating as a solo dish but no, here I was scoffing them as a side to my already deep fried meal. I couldn’t even finish my food as not only did I have the burger and fries but I was desperate to try the blue rice and had that too. I was so not sorry, the garlic sang like a
Morning bird and of course being blue in colour just added to the spectacle. There was wings involved at some point but after a while I was seeing stars and close to removing my trousers. My husband opted for the 2 piece meal, which he promised me was some of the most juiciest of legs he’d come across and loved the crunch of the coating. 
Gasping for breath, we left full, happy and faces covered in food. We’ll certainly be back.

I seriously can’t recommend Wings enough. And if you do get the chance to go, order the spicy peanut sauce with everything. I could of bathed in the stuff!

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