Friday 20 April 2018

The Cuban, Bristol

A couple of weeks ago I popped along to a blogger event, hosted by Socialight at The Cuban, just off Millenium Square. Socialight are an upcoming website and app that aim to connect Bristol restaurants to local bloggers to collaborate together. Such a useful platform to help build a good relationship with the food scene!

Ok let’s get back to the best bit- FOOD! And cocktails of course.
We started the night with a Mojito masterclass, one of my go to cocktails when I’m struggling with choice. Perched on our stools at one of two of the main bars in The Cuban, we watched in awe as the barman whipped up multiple cocktails in quick succession. Such a pro! 

Following on from the mojito, we got a taste for Havana and were served a few more rum cocktails such as the Tormenta Negra and the Hasta MaƱana. Blimey, I was going to need feeding fast before I tipped off my stool!

Hurrying to our (huge!) awaiting table, we were promptly sat down and received a warm welcome and intro from manager Ellie. We were to choose a starter and main and any choice of drinks on the house. 
I noticed from the start that this menu was very meat heavy! Unless you’re happy with a simple salad, I’d say this place isn’t very vegan or veggie friendly. I’m not too clued up on my knowledge of Cuban cuisine so I’m unsure if this is just how they eat! It did however have gluten free options.
For my starter I went for the Boquerones. I absolutely love fish and the saltier the better so it was a no brainer for me. 

These silky little fishes were brined to perfection. With the added garlic to give it kick and parsley to lift the flavours. The seaweed buttered crouton was delicious and complemented the fish perfectly. Such a great little dish that was rich enough to satisfy without adding heaviness, leaving plenty of room to go heavy on the mains. Which I certainly did! 

Opting for the belly pork was a wise decision. Served in a smoke filled cloche to add a theatrical element (I’m not overly convinced it added anything to the flavour of the dish) I loved the tender slab of meat. It was filling and cooked to perfection, the top fat retained some crispiness, the layer fat was melt in the mouth without any clagginess and the side of chorizo added that salty, smokey element. I really enjoyed the addition of the silverskin onions and the little pot of sauce but felt the bed of cassava really let the dish down. Oversized wedges that I found hard to wash down and left an overly starchy aftertaste. Maybe if the cassava was served in some other way, fries perhaps, then it would of been better. 
After our meal, the server kindly brought over a selection of desserts for us to try such as white chocolate panna cotta. I’m not a massive fan of puddings but did try them all and favoured the poached pears. I was however, relieved to see that they hadn’t gone down the safe/boring route of adding brownies to their menu, which seem to be everywhere right now. 

Throughout our meal we enjoyed a live band, Noche and Cubanna. It was such a lovely touch and really gave the restaurant a great atmosphere. If I shut my eyes hard enough, I could almost pretend I was on holiday! Almost. The Cuban have live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 8pm
For more info on The Cuban, head over to where you can find what’s on or sign up to their newsletter to claim your voucher for a mojito for just £3

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