Sunday 4 March 2018

Sunday Lunch at The Florist, Bristol

This time last week I headed down to The The Florist, Park Streets newest face on the block. Occupying the former home of Goldbrick House, this restaurant is visually beautiful. Set over 3 floors, The florist not only offers fantastic cocktails and restaurant but also regular weekly DJ sets, cocktail masterclasses and floristry workshops. I’m returning to try these out myself so keep your eyes out for my next instalment.

With copper garden-like detailing such as mixer tap lamps and pipe work, flowers and greenery hanging from just about everywhere- Wisteria covered windows, laden floors and hanging flowers on the ceilings- this is a floral enthusiasts dream. Obviously silk flowers are not a patch on the real deal but let’s be honest, no one has the time or money for being that extra! 

I was fortunate enough to invited down to sample the cocktail menu and Sunday lunch. 
Upon entering, I was shown to the ‘create your own Bloody Mary’ station. Now, to say I was somewhat apprehensive is an understatement. My only encounter with this Marmite of tipples was a metallic tasting, watery thing that was passed off as a drink some years ago. The staff at The Florist needed to convince me pretty well to give these another chance at winning me over. And they succeeded pretty damn well! I opted for the spicy variety. With spiced tomato juice, plenty of vodka, added chilli and pepper and rosemary, this Bloody Mary was delicious! Verging on a spicy gazpacho, I was a new fan to this way of drinking. 

Once I had finished this cockle warmer and was joined by fellow friends, it was time to try the impressive cocktail menu. 17 pages to be exact! With an extensive list of gins, classics, modern takes and botanical focused cocktails, I was eager to try as many as I could. 

First was the Hibiscus Margarita (£7.95) with the black pepper highlighting the punchy notes of tequila and pink grapefruit 

Second cocktail was the Balloons of Jasmine (£7.25) Delicate in flavour that was not dissimilar of sweets, from the mix of brandy, peach juices and egg white foam

Heading up staircases adorned with flowers, the first floor was beautifully decorated with large flower murals on the walls. The large Victorian windows and high ceilings filled the room natural light. The Sunday lunch menu was impressive, with a good range to choose from and include both vegetarian and vegan and gluten free options. 
Being the ridiculous carnivore I am, I went for the Rotisserie roasted Ridings Reserve premium English beef (£13.95) with horseradish cream and the usual trimmings

The beef was cooked to perfection. With a deliciously delicate smoky flavour and melt in the mouth soft. The horseradish cream was possibly too subtle for my liking. The potatoes were fluffy in the middle and not overly crispy on the outside which is a shame as for me, that makes the best kind of roastie. Vegetables were tender and well seasoned and I think the generous Yorkshire pudding perched on top speaks for itself! 

For dessert, I went for the heaviest option there was- I have no idea why, I was already struggling after the food as it was- Lemon Polenta cake with Mulberry sorbet

The cake was heavy yet moist with the top almost soaked with zesty lemon juice. The lightness of the tangy mulberry sorbet gave it some lightness and the addition of the toasted coconut and black pepper gave it an extra bit of texture, which although was nice, it was not really needed. 

So what do you order when you’re fit to burst? That’s right, another cocktail. I’m not even sorry! 

The Geranium and Lychee Cooler was undoubtedly my favourite of all the cocktails I tried. I’m a massive lychee fan and this was summer gardens in a glass. It was unfussy, refreshing yet so effective. Perfect for ending a wonderful lunch. 

I’m not ashamed to say that I was bowled over by the interior design of The Florist and I’m all too aware that the appearance alone doesn’t equal success in the restaurant world. My lunch, although was offered in exchange for a review, was, in my opinion, great value for money. There was no long waiting times which given how busy they were, I was pleasantly surprised. Food was of great quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to return or recommend. 

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