Wednesday 23 August 2017

Dirty by Name, Dirty by Nature at Bristol Squeezed

Today was the opening of Squeezed, Bristols latest offering in the world of burgers. Is there such a thing as too many burgers? Not in my book!
Squeezed is the baby of Alex Hayes, of former Rebel Roll, and brings back the much loved classics that he was synonymous for. Having been living under a rock, although I was aware of previous offerings, I didn't get the chance to sample the goods. But now Squeezed has arrived in Whapping Wharfs Cargo 2 development, I can revisit til my little fat hearts content. 
As the name suggests, Squeezed focuses on lemonade, burgers and fries. Everything from the brioche buns down to the sauces is made fresh in the compact shipping container.

Tonight I went for the Reverse Cowgirl (nothing new there *wink wink*), fries and lemonade, all for a very reasonable £9.99 The fact you can get meal deals here are fab. If like me, you have a limited budget, it's perfect to know you can get the works for a set price.

Let's talk burgers. I like mine pink and juicy and was relieved to find that's exactly what I got. Not too thick, not too thin. This was then loaded with smoky, rich peanut chipotle bbq sauce, charred scallion sour cream, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and Monterey Jack cheese- although there was so much flavour, the cheese did get a little lost. There was certainly no holding back on any of the ingredients, this burger was definitely a two handed job! The skin on, handcut fries were lightly seasoned with ancho chilli salt and were beautifully hot and crisp. 

The lemonade had to be the winner for me. Pinky Punky lemonade with watermelon and rosemary, it was strong and punchy with a delicate aftertaste from the rosemary and even though it was just a juice, it almost tasted alcoholic like a guilt free cocktail. Winner! 

No doubt I'll be back to sample more of the menu soon.

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