Friday 21 April 2017

Anti Chafing Knickers - My summer must have!

The sun has finally started to come out and so have my skirts. Which means it's time to start stocking my wardrobe with some essentials. First on the list would have to be anti chafe shorts. If like me and thousands of other women, suffer from the dreaded 'chub rub' then we can all wince at the mere thought of the burning pain we endure after a warm day. So to warn off said thighs of fire, I usually wear some kind of anti chafe wear.
This year, I'm trying out the anti chafe, short leg knickers from The Big Tights Company


Now for me, the length was perfect. I've previously found that if the shorts are too long, my skirt sticks to them and end up bunched between my legs. Not a good look!
I opted for the short leg in hope that this wouldn't happen and I'm so happy that nothing stuck. These are actually knickers but I wore them as shorts as I felt as though I had forgotten to put my underwear on-personal preference! They are super comfortable and stretchy, as they are no designed to be shapewear, there's no 'sucking in' effect. 
I also like that the waistband isn't high waisted, unlike some which can make you feel too layered in the hotter months. They sat just above my naval and against normal waistband. 



These knickers come in sizes 12-36 in black, white and natural in both long and short leg, with or without lace trim and can be found here.

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