Sunday 12 February 2017

Swoon Gelato, Bristol

Now, if I was to ask you if you knew the difference between gelato and ice cream, would you know the answer? Because I sure didn't! 
Gelato contains less fat and is churned slower and longer than ice cream, reducing the amount of air added giving it that wonderfully rich, creamy texture.
Previously when I got to visit Swoon Gelato  at Christmas, not only did I get to sample their beautiful Gelato, but I also got a little lesson on how it's made too. Swoon pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients and the gelato is made in store, from scratch.


This month Swoon have been celebrating their first birthday, and have now revealed that they are opening up a second shop in Bath. I got to celebrate with owners Pat and Bruno, siblings who have a passion for authentic Gelato, in their Park Street residence. 
On arrival I couldn't be more pleased to of been given an Aperol Spritz in sorbetto form. Sorbetto is just as creamy and silky in texture as the gelato but is completely vegan friendly. 


With the counter full of an array of tubs, brimming with mouth watering flavours, you can also find gelato pops, sundaes, waffles, macarons and fresh coffee. And of course the 'Flavour of the month'.

        My personal favourite, salted caramel gelato and dark chocolate sorbetto. 

Swoon can be found on Park Street and more info can be found on their website 
here. x

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