Monday 22 August 2016

Junk Food Beach Blankets

Now I've never been one to give excuses for my fat. I have it, it's on me. And I'd like to thank pizza, cakes and a whole host of other junk foods that have made my body what it is today lol
With my tattoos on my arms displaying my love of pizza, bacon, cupcakes, donuts, even a whole picnic basket(!) it's no surprise that I enjoy the aesthetics of food not just the taste. So when I stumbled upon a Pizza beach blanket, there was no question that I was passing it by. 
Good old EBay. It never fails to let me down with the odd things I stumble upon. I read the listing over and was sceptical at what I might receive. We've all seen those comedy posts where someone had thought they'd bought a rug for their lounge but what arrived was a 10 inch rug for a dolls house. Or those dresses that you *know* aren't going to look anything like the gorgeous display images. But this 'blanket' was super cheap so I really didn't have much to lose. 

Isn't it super cute?! 

I know I'm not on a beach, but that's not going to stop me getting it out at any opportunity! 
So not only does this come in pizza print but they also do a big pink donut and a burger too! I'm already waiting for the burger one to arrive. Or if junk food isn't your thing then they have a range of mandala designs too.
These are thin yet pretty durable. It's almost like a thick sarong material that's silky and fluid like. Perfect not just for the beach or poolside but for picnics too. 

Which is your favourite? X

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