Saturday 27 December 2014

All that glitters ain't gold. Christmas Day Selfie!

Christmas Day was a crazy whirlwind of watching the kids opening their presents, stopping my toddler from consuming her body weight in chocolate bears, restraining myself from hitting my mother and cooking like a chef on speed. I did not have the time for outfit posts! But I did so a quick cheeky selfie!

 Thought I would show you this amazingly cute GOLD top. Yes. Gold! I have never worn gold but now I must own more! I found it in Primark, tucked away in the shit corner of unloved items for a mere £3. I am totally kicking myself that I didn't buy the green version as it looks killer on. I wore it with a simple plain black bodycon skirt from Asos and tights. The necklace was a cheap China job from EBay 


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