Wednesday 28 May 2014

OOTD New 'Cheer me up boots'

So after an extremely shitty week-or two, I needed a quick pick me up. What do I do? I shop! Retail therapy can be its own worst enemy at times. Did I really need to spend money that I don't have on new boots? No. Do they make me happy? Yes! Worked! Although sometimes, spending money you don't have, on something you really don't need, can often only give you a temporary high then that dreaded reality moment you are now broke and still miserable. But I need some new going out shoes/boots so I don't care for logical thinking right now lol

After practically living in my black patent cut out boots when I go out out ,I decided I would go for these bad boys. White with open toe and heel and super chunky heels. They are so light as well.
I teamed my new boots with simple black leggings, pu skirt from Prinark and crop top from New Look, daisy necklace is from EBay. Boots can be found Here at what is my new favourite site right now, I literally want it all!

What footwear do you opt for on nights out?

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