Friday, 9 May 2014

OMCZ #31 Sitting down

Since starting this challenge (I came in late) I have loved the tasks given to me that actually do put me out of my comfort zone. Some have been easy and others a little more challenging, not for how it made me feel but more of a fashion thing. This challenge however, really made me realise that some people lack a lot more confidence than I do. The theme was chosen by Steph. This is what she said  'As a fat woman i'm expected to stand up, breathe in and generally blend into the background. It's my birthday today and I fancy a sit down and I'd like to ask all my fellow plus size bloggers to sit down. Wear what every you like but post a photo of yourself sat down.'

I read it and thought to myself 'Is that it?!' But to others this is a massive deal. When sat down you can't hide rolls and breathe in etc.. But then to me that means the standing photos are not a true representation of what we look like.
I remember a time when I simply refused to use a certain high street chain as their fitting rooms had 3 different mirrors so you could see yourself from every angle. It was my idea of hell. I looked good in a little make up mirror, surely that would be enough !
I was wrong. Now I've grown to like myself, I realise that it's a great thing to look at your body from every angle. Ok so maybe not every day but occasionally I give myself a good look in the full length mirror and take note of all the bits I like. The dip in my lower back, my tattoos, my non existent bum... So taking a photo in a stance that I'm not usually seen at on screen doesn't worry me. I have a belly and I'm full aware that when I sit, it scrunchies up. And that's ok x

                                     Shirt; George@Asda
                                     Bodycon skirt; H&M
                                     Tights; F+F
                                     Platform pumps, necklace and acid wash backpack; Primark
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