Saturday 14 December 2013

Christmas Meal Outfit #2

Todays Christmas meal was a relaxed affair at an All-You-Can-Eat with some mummy friends of mine. Outfit had to be comfortable for leisurely eating and chatting but to look nice without overdressing up.

                                                          Vest ; George@Asda
                                                          Kimono; Primark
                                                          Skirt; Asos Curve
                                                          Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
                                                          Shoes; Converse (pink quilted satin, limited edition)

I'm totally loving Kimonos right now. I bought this one well over a year ago and have NEVER worn it. Why?!! I think this one is totally gorgeous. With its pastel shades and fan print, I fell in love with instantly then didn't really know how I would wear it. I think this combo works quite well though.


  1. love the outfit ! you suit the combination so well !
    melissa x