Monday 11 March 2019

Railway Inn, Sandford

Based in Sandford, Somerset, you’ll find the cider house and kitchen, The Railway Inn. Based on the Thatchers cider estate of Myrtle Farm, you can guarantee that the dishes contain the beautiful fruits grown on that very land, free range meat and eggs, sustainable and organically farmed fish and seasonal ingredients supplied by local producers. Making this kitchen not only reducing its carbon footprint but ensuring good quality, tradition cooking at its best.

The food was so good that I’m going to let the photos do the taking.
Here’s what I ate;

Quail scotch eggs with beetroot ketchup

Thatchers Cider and honey glazed gammon and eggs with triple cooked chips and a pineapple salsa

Thatchers Cider Mac and cheese 

Sticky toffee apple pudding with a cider toffee sauce,  honeycomb and Bramley apple ice cream 

You can find the Railway Inn here,

The Railway Inn
BS25 5RA

Booking is advised for Sunday’s when it can get very busy. 

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