Monday, 11 March 2019

All Things Vegan at Wagamamas

After cutting out meat throughout January, purely to see if and what effect it would have on my body and partly because I love a good challenge. I’m incredibly fond of meat, always have been but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found the inevitable bloating feelings and sluggishness in my energy levels. With my daughter turning vegetarian, she urged I try and ditch the animal products and so I did!

I was kindly invited to try the vegan menu at my local Wagamama at Cabot Circus, Bristol, in exchange for a review. Would I miss my regular favourite of spicy beef ramen? Let’s see;

We were greeted and promptly seated and ordered our drinks. I opted for a beautiful sparkling sake. Light and bubbly, it was the perfect way to liven up my taste buds in anticipation for my first course. We it’s to share a bowl of the chilli garlic salt edemame beans which were firm and perfectly cooked.

Next we tried the Yasai Gyoza. 5 steamed dumplings, filled with tasty vegetables with a dipping sauce. Delicate in flavour, they were my daughters favourite. To this we ordered the Mixed Mushroom and Pannonia aubergine Hirata steamed buns. Ok so these really hit my meat hankering spot. The mushrooms were incredible. Thick, firm and juicy, creating that perfect umami flavour. Added to the crunch of the crispy yet light panko  crumb on the aubergine, these were deliciously filling.

Now we were ready for our mains. My daughter opting for her favourite of Vegatsu. A take on the popular Katsu dish, this was a crispy Panko crumbed seitan fillet, on a bed of rice and covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with a side salad.

I went for something different than my usual choice of ramen and instead tried the Yasai Pad Thai. Rice noodles with bean sprouts, spring onions, tofu, leeks and chilli and topped with fried shallots, peanut, mint, coriander and lime. This dish was incredible, the lime was a wonderful contrast to the amai sauce and the peanuts gave it the added texture. I ate this dish so fast the the tofu was almost gone before I took the photos!!

We were so full at this point that we almost laughed when we were offered the dessert menu. Never one to turn down sweet offerings, we shared bowls of each flavoured sorbets. 

Lemon grass and lime with mint and pink guava and passion fruit. Both delicately flavoured and completely vegan, they were the perfect end to the meal. 

Since January, I have significantly cut meat out of my every day diet and now only have it occasionally when I eat out. It’s not made a massive difference to my wellbeing but I’m far less bloated and the environmental impact is enough to want me to continue to become more plant based. 
Have you checked out the vegan menu at Wagamamas? Do you have a favourite dish or recipe you’d like to share? 

I was offered this meal for 2, in exchange for social media and or blog posts. All opinions are my own and no monetary exchange took place. 

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