Sunday 20 May 2018

Elomi Anushka review

Elomi never let me down when it comes to stunning bras. As I’ve posted previously about the Bijou Flirt here, Elomi consistently create such stunning designs.

I’m now very fortunate to own the Anushka in both the pink (Romance) and teal (Luxury ). When you find that one bra that you keep reaching for time and time again, it’s only right to get it in each colour way! 
This half cup bra is perfect for my breast shape. I carry a lot of my tissue at the bottom and not at the top (thanks breastfeeding!) and find that half cup or balcony bras really give me that rounded shape that I like. 

I’m fortunate to have been professionally measured so I can confidently order the right size for me at Elomi, this particular style that I’m wearing is a 38G and find the banding just right. However, due to changes in hormones, the cups are occasionally too small but that’s to be expected.

With a choice of either a blush pink or green/blue base with a stunning lace overlay, I just adore that ever so feminine, boudoir look. The Anushka is available in a D-H cup with matching briefs. 

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