Thursday 9 February 2017

The Cornish Burger Co at Steam Bristol

Last night I popped down to Steam in Clifton to sample their new burger pop up. Who doesn't love a big juicy burger on a boring Wednesday night?!
Although having heard of Steam, I hadn't yet visited so I was really delighted to get the invite. Walking in to the former Clifton Down railway ticket hall, I was instantly smitten with the gothic revival architecture. With big beautiful windows, pointed doors and 2 huge fireplaces at each end of the room, it had an industrial feel but with candles, leather armchairs and warm glowing lights, it still kept the coziness and charm. 
The Cornish Burger Co are Steams current residents and they did not disappoint. Having been making burgers and paella for 20 years in Cornwall, only the finest Cornish ingredients are used. 


I opted for The Janner. A 6oz Cornish beef burger with cheese, streaky bacon and onion marmalade, served with the usual salad/pickle garnish and a side of fries. Now, as a self confessed bacon addict, this had to be up there with the best I'd ever had. Thick, smoky and super crispy, it was like a bacon, pork scratching mash up. 


As you can see, portion wise, I was not left hungry. The burger itself was super juicy and well seasoned. The bun was soft and the combo of the salty bacon and the sweetness of the marmalade was pure wedded bliss.
After finishing the food, I got to have a little tour of next door, Shebeen. A quiet little bar, almost bordering on mancave, with armchairs and a little nook, is set to become the perfect Irish whiskey bar. I'll be covering more on Shebeen in the future. 

Food is available Mon-Thurs 5pm - 9pm 
Fri - Sat 12 noon - 9pm and Sun 12 noon - 8pm

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