Sunday 12 February 2017

The Burger Joint

So not only did I go out for a burger once last week but twice!! 
So when it comes to dining out, I'll be honest and say that burgers aren't top of my list when deciding what to eat. But The Burger Joint change that. With over 60 different ingredients, there are literally thousands of different combinations you could possibly choose from, the concept of building your burger the exact way you want it, is a bit of a game changer! All ingredients are locally produced and sourced and the menu caters for gluten free, vegetarians and vegans too. You could also have the option of a salad instead. 

The restaurant itself was small, with subtle lighting and simple decor but even though there were no empty tables, I didn't feel too packed in and for a Thursday night, I was surprised at how busy it was. A testament to good burgers, I say! 


Once we were greeted and seated, we were given a menu and an order form to create our burgers just the way we wanted them. 
Now I'm a bit of a coward and tend to stick to what I know and like so I opted for a traditional beef patty but there were 15 varieties to choose from - And that was just the patties!!
After much deliberating, I finally settled on my choices and couldn't wait for the server to take my order so I couldn't change my mind. It's no surprise that they supply your table with pencils so you can alter your order forms! Who knew creating your own food could be so fun yet so tough? *Phew*


So this is what I went for. Beef patty with chorizo, Brie and guacamole in a brioche bun, served with Parmesan and truffle fries, I also went for the garlic mayo and thousand island sauces for dipping. Heaven! 
The burger was superbly juicy and full of flavour and it was generously filled with my chosen toppings, although I will point out that the chorizo was wafer thin and the flavour was lost. Maybe it wasn't the best choice for my combo. Still, I wasn't too sad, overall the Burger was delicious. The fries were so good but after finishing my burger, I had very little room left. 
I'll definitely be returning and bringing my husband. I might even be a little more adventurous and try the kangaroo! Special thank you to Dan for the invite, I had a lovely visit. 

The Burger Joint can be found in Fishponds, Bedminster and Clifton. Offering monthly menu specials and student/lunch deals. 
More info can be found on their website 

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