Monday 9 January 2017

New Year, A New Lesson Learnt

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers, whether new or regular!
I thought I'd do something a little different and write a post on my views of something I've learnt over the last week or so.

So if you're a plus size blogger, or reader or perhaps just part of the plus community in general, then you may of seen a popular brand run a very rewarding competition. Offering a years paid contract to 5 established plus size/curve bloggers. As a plus size blogger for the last 3 years, I initially thought I'd be mad not to enter! I was sooooo wrong. 
Now I'm going to be honest here; I read the prize and saw paid. Like Gwen Guthrie once said 'Ain't nothing going on but the rent'. I'm sure there are various reasons why people have entered this generous competition, whether it's the money, a way to further their writing career, a chance to be noticed, the love of the brands ethics or perhaps to be a voice of body positivity and size acceptance.
 As with all competitions, there'll always be that person that thinks they deserve it the most, simply because. 
Now what I naively didn't expect was the sheer lengths some people will go to to get this chance. I've seen some very dirty tactics, it's not my place to go in to detail, but the most upsetting thing is the lack of morals and dignity. 
As I've watched my blog and social media popularity grow over the years, I've forged some very special friendships and sisterly bonds within the plus community. Yes there can be cliques, the odd bit of bitching but at the end of it all, we all look out for one another and always try to support and raise each other up. It's so sad to witness such bad etiquette and behaviour from new faces, suddenly claiming to be part of it.
There's also the bigger picture to these competitions is that it's all publicity based. You have this big female audience, all suddenly wanting an easy opportunity and then sharing the brands post, it's seen by literally thousands. Great way of promoting for the brand and they are not at fault for that. But for those that enter, the whole thing is basically one big popularity contest. And that's where I began to feel uncomfortable. I've never really considered asking my friends, followers or readers for votes and the like and once I started, I felt uneasy. I lay sleepless in bed one night, suffering from anxiety about it all and knew it wasn't worth the hassle. I've learnt that it's far more rewarding being the cheerleader than tooting my own horn. I'm humbled that I have regular readers and followers that support what I do because I strive to be myself, show off my qualities and keep things real. Not by asking for recognition from those that don't know me. Should this competition had been about the quality of a bloggers content over popularity from the start, I would of been far more involved. I truly hope the established plus bloggers they do choose, be the girls I know and love and that have continuously worked hard setting a positive voice for body empowerment and equality within the movement.

Good luck to all those that have entered, I can't wait to read your posts x

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