Monday 14 November 2016

Christmas Snacking with Tyrells

So usually I'm posting new outfits, recent purchases or an event I've been to, but today I'm talking snacks. More specifically, crisps and popcorn. I'd like to think my body is chistled out of a combination of the two and with Christmas lurking around the corner, I thought 'why not!'

The fab guys over at Tyrrells  kindly let me sample their two new seasonal flavours. Three Bird Roast crisps and Bellini Poshcorn. These just scream Christmas and no doubt in 6 weeks I'll be slumming it in stretchy pants, reaching for a bag whilst watching cheesey movies under a blanket OR I could be dressed in my favourite party frock, heading to a family house party, armed with my new decadent flavoured snacks. My family loved the Three Bird Roast flavour best and the Poshcorn was actually fizzy! It was very subtle in flavour too, perfect to accompany drinks.


Seasoned to perfection, Tyrrells is giving traditional roast turkey a splendiferous twist, with the traditional Christmas trio of roast chicken, duck and turkey brought to life on a characterfully curly Tyrrells crisp. Avoid 'foul-tempers' at Christmas and fill up your bowls with this entertaining sharing sized pack!


It's Tyrrells Poshcorn Cocktail hour! Put the glamour into Christmas with this fun, frivolous and ever so slightly fizzy cocktail delight from the popconnoiseurs at Tyrrells. Available in generous sharing sized 75g pack, Bellini Poshcorn is carefully popped in small batches at Tyrrells Court Farm using gold standard kernels, Tyrrells Bellini Poshcorn is available from CoOp, Ocado and independents nationwide. 

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