Thursday 10 July 2014

Killing it in my Curverella

This week I was asked to review a t shirt by the wonderful Betty Pamper and I jumped at the chance. I'm pretty comfortable in T shirts but for many of us larger girls, they're not to everyone's taste.
These totally rockin, body positive T's cater for a wide range of sizes, the option of slashed or normal neck, vests and lady fit. I went for the cool 'Curverella' seeing as I love anything zombie related.

The fit was just right, the slashed neck wasn't too big and sat perfectly. Even the length was so spot on, I opted for ultra hugging leggings to show off my killer curves! The material is of high quality, unlike T shirts you buy from cheap clothes shops that ruin pretty quickly and you end up wearing for bed!
You can find this T shirt and others from Here


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