Sunday 6 July 2014

Joyful June Present Swap

For June the ever wonderful Debz had the idea of doing a present swap for us bloggers. We had a £10 budget to buy a fellow blogger a gift as a surprise swap. Much like a secret Santa. We got told who we were to buy for but not who was buying for us. I LOVE getting parcels in the post so I was truly game.
I happen to adore the person I had to buy for so found it pretty easy to choose something. 
The gifts I received were so generous and the gifted certainly knew my taste!

This is what I got! (Such a lucky girl!) The colours were spot on, I've used every product and wore the necklace which reminds me of funky bunting. The lip laquer is amazing. I thought they were like a lip gloss but I was wrong, it's matt and stays put for hours. I'm so hooked that I've ordered the other colours in the range too!
I can't wait for the next swap and a massive thank you to my secret sender xx

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