Thursday 13 February 2014

OMCZ #26 Looking Back

So this is the second OMCZ for me, having recently joined in. This time the theme is Looking Back chosen by Steph. "My theme is looking back and I’d like us to all look back over the last 12 months since the challenge started and see how we have changed."
Seeing as I've only just started these blog challenges, I have no old posts to show if my style has changed. The only thing I have really changed is that I no longer breastfeed my daughter, meaning I no longer need to wear tops that have easy yet discreet access to the tatas! I also put more effort in to styling my hair. Nothing too difficult but I opt for some simple victory rolls over my quick simple pinned back style I did in a hurry before.
Since I've been blogging ( started November) I have a new attitude on how I look. I've always had confidence as a person but I have always been hard on myself with how I look. Sure, I love clothes, always have, and have always been into my make up and hair. BUT and this is a pretty big but, I have never really been that happy within myself. I would constantly criticize myself for everything I did, said, acted, dressed... But now, not so much. Fellow bloggers have helped me realize that yes, I am beautiful whether I am a fatty or not. That I am worth something. Its a very warm and comforting feeling that what I have felt or what I do feel, is pretty normal. And with that came a new found respect for myself, without blogging, I wouldn't of had. So no, my style of clothes haven't changed but my attitude and self worth has! x

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