Tuesday 31 December 2013

Christmas Outfit #3

                                                    Dress;     Simply Be Pocket Rocket dress
                                                    Belt;        Primark
                                                    Slippers; George@Asda

This was my Christmas eve outfit. We had a family party at home, hence the slippers and not a decent pair of shoes lol
I totally missed the boat when the Bloggers collection came out from Simply Be. I saw so many bloggers wearing the dress and totally owning it but I just didnt think I could pull of the pinkness of it. I decided that maybe I should bite the bullet and searched Ebay and found one. Its 2 sizes too big but its a small price to pay for what is now one of my all time fave dresses. I got it at a steal for £8 and cant tell you how many compliments I got whilst wearing it. I chose a contrasting blue stretchy belt to draw in my waist and skipped on accessories to let the colour and print speak for itself. Ice cream is not just for summer!

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