Sunday, 18 February 2018

Beehive Coffee House, Bristol

I’ve recently discovered The Beehive Coffee House in Downend, Bristol. Having seen a suggested post pop up on Facebook, I had been keeping an eye on this little shop for over a year before finally deciding to head over one cold morning. 
Now, I’m not a big fan of milkshake, or any milk based drinks really but I am a fan of a gimmick. No surprise there, really. I especially love over the top, faddy foods so I just HAD to go, even if I wasn’t going to order a milkshake- or freakshake in this case- myself.
Walking through the door, it was clear that this place was not only well known but loved! A 15 minute wait for a table was needed and to be honest, I didn’t really mind, nor did my family. There were sofas to lounge on, newspapers to read and colouring books to keep my 5 year old distracted. And we loved watching the fish in their little aquarium.
Scanning the menu, the names and description of each shake made deciding on just one and almost impossible task. With each freakshake containing wafers, sauce, donuts and crazy flavour combos, it was clear to see why The Beehive Coffee House was shorlisted for ‘Best Coffee Shop’ by the Bristol Good Food Awards.
We settled on the Freak of the Week. A maple syrup flavoured milkshake topped with a waffle, donut, candy bacon, pretzels and sauces in condiment bottles. My daughters eyes lit up once she saw this beast coming her way! 

Tilly baffled us with how much she managed to put away. She quite proudly patted her tummy after demolishing the freak of the week, leaving just a smattering of sweets, half a donut and a slurp of milkshake. Much to the disappointment of her dad, who was hoping he could finish up what she couldn’t! 
Of course there’s much more on offer other than milkshakes. With staple brunch options, light lunches, homemade cakes- inc gluten free and vegan options- and specialty coffees, they had something for every taste. And for the mega fussy, how about a unicorn hot chocolate?!

I opted for the delicious Croque Madame. Rich cheese and ham toasted sandwich topped with yet more cheese and a fried egg. The salad garnish was a welcome addition to lighten the dish. One of my favourite go to comfort foods on a cold day.

This is their latest vegan creation, complete with a vegan cupcake on the side. Amazing!! 
You can find directions, contact details and a gallery full of mouthwatering dishes over on their Facebook page here

This was not a review post. This was my own account of my visit and all opinions are my own.

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