Wednesday 29 November 2017

The Decanting Club

Now, I’m more of a food than a wine lover but I do enjoy the odd glass in the evening every so often. And adding to that, I’m a pretty safe bet, sticking to what I know and like as I’ve never really explored different wines. Of course, they vary from every aspect such as grape variety and region they’re grown in. And although I’m not looking to boost my knowledge in such areas, I was keen to try out new things. I’m always a little envious of those I know that have a vast knowledge of wine or have found a rare gem that they keep stored away, rather than me who usually picks up something white and is on a supermarket offer.
This is where The Decanting Club stepped in. This amazing company sent me a weekly glass of wine, through my letter box, for me to try, with all the information I needed to know, such as perfect foods to pair it with, without the need to leave the house! Bliss!

The Decanting Club offers its members a new wine to sample each week, with the option of buying a full bottle or case. Of course, I loved having a glass of ‘surprise’ wine dropping in to my doormat each week for me to try but I also really enjoyed learning about the various techniques involved or the grape variety for that particular wine and seeing if I could successfully pick up the taste notes.

The weekly wine subscription could even be purchased as a gift. Perfect for those family members that seem to have just about everything! 
You can find the Decanting Club here. 

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