Tuesday, 6 June 2017

SLABS; The Daddy Of All Crisps


So wondering round This Morning Live in Birmingham a few backs, I stumble upon a crisp stand. There's few things that get my attention so quickly in life, one being crisps. Cut me open, you're likely to find a third of me is made of potato.
Now, let's make this clear, SLABS aren't your average crisp. These bad boys are made from a Spanish variety of potato which make the crisp 4x bigger than your average shop bought variety. Plus they are cut super thick. So thick in fact, that they are less fatty than regular crisps because they absorb less oil during the frying process. 



It's June, with Fathers Day fast approaching, I thought what better gift for my husband than a good proper Ploughmans lunch. Maybe even a picnic by the river if it's warm enough. Pork pies, strong cheeses, apples and an 80g bag of SLABS. 
(Obviously I'm not going to go down the sexist route of 'Men's crisps'. Because crisps are crisps of course, we all love em'.)

But why stop at snacking? The beauty of SLABS being their size and thickness, why not try them with a topping? Smoked mackerel and mustard on Cheese and Onion? Or how about a starter of baked Camembert with a side of salted SLABS for scooping? 

You can buy SLABS direct from the site here. 

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