Sunday, 17 July 2016

Trying Something New with Evans

So when it comes to blog post outfits, I'd like to think I keep outfits diverse as possible. I wouldn't like to keep churning out the same look each week in fear of becoming predictable. So when given the chance of choosing something to review, I always try something I wouldn't usually choose myself in a store so I can style it in my own way to suit me and my body. Thanks to Evans, I got the chance to choose an item that pushed my comfort level!
I decided to choose some trousers that I could wear in the summer. As a stay at home mum, it's all too easy to pull on a pair of leggings or joggers, and although practical, they're not quite stylish. 

These beautiful tapered leg trousers jumped off the screen at me and knew I had to try them. 

They are a non stretch chiffon like material with an elasticated waist band. I love the tapered look and again, is not a style I usually go for. The print and colour is as bold as can be which is definitely my style. I was a little disappointed when they arrived as the stitching had undone down the leg seam a good few inches but I'm sure this was a rare oversight. 

The 'body' of the trousers were roomy, no riding up or too much sagging and although I was aware of my visible belly outline, I still felt pretty confident hence the tucked in Bardot top. I had the perfect necklace that I found on EBay to match too. 
Now I've tried this style, I will surely be adding another pair to my wardrobe for autumn. Possibly some wide pinstripes! 

The trousers can be found here X

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