Wednesday 4 November 2015

Everyone's A Winner, Baby! The Curvee Awards

So recently there's been a small recognition based award that was created by three body-posi babes, Georgina Grogan of, Kathryn Mallow of and finally Katherine of

These awards were open for nominations to anyone plus size based. With the British Plus Size Awards just around the corner, it was such a lovely gesture to get some of the lesser known bloggers, models and activists some spotlight and recognition. 
Categories included best model, best activist, best Twitter, best vlogger, best blogger, best new blogger and best Instagram. 
So when it came to announcing the nominees, I was delighted to see some of my favourite women were up for the awards. I was completely taken aback to find I had been nominated under the Best Model category. As I only model for fun and as a hobby, I really didn't expect anything. I was one of four in the category and I honestly had the toughest competition. I'm not one to compete for anything as I'm scared of both failure and the embarresment of winning, so I decided to stay relatively quiet during the voting. But....
                     I WON!!

I've never won an award for anything but I am truly honoured and so humble. Modelling for me is a way of really seeing and appreciating how beautiful I am. Not always the clothes, the make up or the pose, but the confidence. As I grew up as a child, I would shy away from any camera that was in front of me. Thinking that even at such a young age, I was fat or ugly and why would anyone want me ruining their picture. That's incredibly sad. I look at my three beautiful daughters today and I couldn't possibly imagine any of them feeling that way. If I could, I'd take pictures of them all day long! 
Low confidence and bad self esteem is so damaging. I've lived through it but was lucky that I learnt to finally love myself.
These awards aren't about competition or gaining likes. They're about recognising each individual for truly believing in themselves and being a positive model. Something that is not often seen within the media, where ideals are near impossible to achieve. I hope The Curvee Awards return again next year and I find new plus size babes to inspire me. I wholly support encouragement and empowerment over competition. There's no race, no overall winner. We are in a sisterhood and I would like to think there's no judgement in having our own creative outlet regardless of its form. 
A big thank you to Kathrym Mallow for my beautiful portrait too X 

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