Friday 10 July 2015

I Totally Own My Crop #rockthecrop

So yet again this week we've seen more body shaming (eye rolls), this time in the U.S. mag The Oprah Magazine. Surprisingly this magazine usually speaks of confidence, female empowerment and the likes so it was quite a shock to this this in an article

To me and countless other women, this is not advise. And if it is, I really hope there are women wise enough to ignore it. Just like the 'beach body ready' campaign, seriously, if you have a body then you can own and wear a crop top. 

Top by Chubby Cartwheels 
Skirt Asos Curve
Shoes Primark
Hat eBay 
Top and skirt both Asos and Asos Curve
Shoes and sunglasses Primark
Bag River Island 

Not one but TWO crop tops in this post alone and I've not hurt anyone! My body, my choice. We need to start standing side by side with our sisters and encouraging them to be the women they choose to be, not tearing them down. X

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