Sunday 28 June 2015

Bristol Foodie Festival

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Foodies Festival in Bristol, thanks to some free tickets my husband was given.
The weather was perfect so we left home at lunch time, anticipating all the wonderful food on offer. 
First stall we shopped at was Crispy Candy Co where we had deep fried Oreos. Ah-maze-ing!! Crispy little dough balls filled with an Oreo centre that had turned warm and gooey and dusted with icing sugar. I limited myself to just the one but could of easily eaten all four in the serving. Definitely not Slimming World friendly! 

Next we headed over to Boy Meats Grill where huge slabs of beef were slowly barbecued until blackened. I opted for a juicy steak sandwich, slathered in mustard mayo and chimchuri 

We took a break from sampling foods such as fudge, artisan chocolate, infused oils, flapjack, olives, cured meats and nuts and sat and enjoyed the live music with a Pimms. 
With the weather being so warm, my toddler needed cooling down and one stall caught our eye. Custom Creams made liquid nitrogen ice cream in an array of flavours and being the curious creature I am, bought her a tub. 

The face says it all! The rich chocolate ice cream had an amazing velvety texture and the brownie pieces were definitely a great choice. 
Feeling refreshed, we browsed more stalls, purchased some wonderful chilli sauce and stopped by Chairman Ping . Would of been silly of us not to sample the Bao that won Masterchef 2014

Light fluffy steamed bun filled with a rich pulled pork, crisp apple slices and a generous topping of crunchy pork crackling bits. So good and clear to see why it was such a winner! 
Polar Pops was our final stop. A Bristol based artisan lolly company with the most delicious flavours! Apple and Elderflower ice lollies were in order for our drive home and did not disappoint! (Even if I did really want the adults Cherry Brandy flavour)
The Foodie Festival, sponsored by The Daily Mail, is currently on tour around the country and I would highly recommend it! 

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