Thursday 20 November 2014

OOTD Winter Warmer

After having a dry spell of spendable pennies, I took myself off to Primark to get a few well needed, warmer pieces. 
As you may already know, I have a love/hate affair with skinny jeans. I love them, they hate me. In an ideal world, there would be a pair of jeans that would be a size 18 in the leg but a size 20 in the waist. But these sadly do not exist. 
Spying a pair of high waisted, acid wash skinnies, I was doubtful yet still hopeful that they might just work. And they kind of did! Slightly baggy behind the knees and bum but snug in the waist and leg, I snapped them up. 
Next on my list was a black cardigan. It had to be not too plain, long, preferably with pockets. Found it! It's the kind of 'throw it on' style, no buttons, fuzzy, warm, yet plain enough to work with anything. We're good to go!

Peplum top, high waist jeans, cardigan, tan boots; All current seasons Primark

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